American Fabulous

A film by Reno Dakota  

DVD cover for Reno Dakota's film

Watch American Fabulous online!

Remember DVDs? Who even has the stone-age devices necessary to decipher and view them anymore?

Here at we are nothing if not cutting-edge, so we have moved on from the gross world of physical objects into the exciting space-age universe of robot servants, teleportation, and digital video. Thanks to the Technology of Yesterday's Future - The Internet! - you can now rent or buy a digital copy of Am Fab RIGHT NOW and enjoy the amazing Jeffrey Strouth and his spellbinding tales, the magnificent lighting and camerawork, the mid-Ohio scenery, and the cheesy video wipes, all just as you may remember - and of course, the ever-glamorous, rumbling, oil-smoking, seemingly driverless Sedan deVille.

So: gather round the TV, phone, tablet or direct-to-brain-interface and luxuriate in the unique personality of Jeffrey, preserved forever by award-winning filmmaker Reno Dakota and now available as a 72 hour rental, or as a permanent purchase.



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